About MaishaCare

MaishaCare was founded by a group of like-minded individuals from Silicon Valley-CA and New Delhi-India, who believe that expanding health care for the less fortunate can not only better the lives of the individuals who are treated, but also boost the economy, improve well-being, and spur development of the world’s poorest areas. We also work towards other philanthropic causes such as funding blind schools, polio drives, education etc. Our founders and medical partners include savvy professionals with the passion to use their individual expertise to help better the lives of individuals and their communities.

Everyone who is involved in MaishaCare is committed to the idea that giving a person back their health empowers them to find the strength and motivation to pay their good fortune forward. A person who has regained their health is a person who can contribute to their community and help make a difference in the lives of those around them. Without organizations like MaishaCare, most of the beneficiaries that we support would have no hope of receiving the medical care that they desperately need. By putting 100% less taxes and fees of every donation towards medical treatment, we hope to do as much as possible for those who need care most.A�We are working towards filing for a tax exemption status with the IRS and will soon be able to channel all the donation towards the beneficiaries. Once IRS approves the tax exemption status, all donations 27 months prior to the approval date are automatically tax exempted.

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Partnerships with Medical and Charity organizations Worldwide

MaishaCare aims to create partnerships with medical and charity organizations worldwide. In the initial phase all our beneficiaries and medical providers are in India, and we soon hope to expand worldwide. All of our medical and philanthropic partners area licensed and registered to practice in their respective countries and have upstanding reputations within their communities. Through these trusted partnerships, we are able to give our beneficiaries access to health treatments that may, in fact, save their lives. Our medical partners play a great role in our mission to provide health care to those who would not normally have such access.

Make an Impact by Getting Involved

The most direct way for you to get involved is to donate. Every time you fund medical treatments on MaishaCare, you help grow our community, expand our reach, and spread our message. To whatever extent you are able, donate money for medical treatment and ask your friends and family to do the same. By doing so, you can help make a real difference in the lives of real people. You can also contact us directly, volunteer, or connect with us through Twitter and Facebook to learn about more ways to help.



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