Total Fund required: $300.00
raised so far


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.50.53 AMChris is 15 years old student in need of funds to travel to his school everyday. He comes from a family where both his parents work hard everyday and are able to earn enough only to meetA�their daily expenditure with no savings towards their future.A�His motherA� works as house help and his father works as peon in an office in New Delhi. Chris, got admission in one of the good schools under government scheme where he receives exemption of monthly fees. He stays far from school and travels to school in school bus. Although bus stop is close to his house but to save on the bus fees he walks to another stop which allows him to save money on bus fees. But in doing this he gives up on time which he wants to spend reading. Maishacare came across this intelligent, hard working kid and felt that we can contribute to help him cope up with his ongoing struggles at such a young age. We urge our contributors to come forward and show him that he is not alone in his struggle. Your contribution will go towards payment of his bus fees, and provide him little comfort in his journey towards a brighter future. At present we are raising funds to support his bus fees for 1 year, which is $25/A�month.


Beneficiary A�Chris Toppo
Status Fund Needed
Cause A�School transport fee
Age 15
Address New DelhiA�- India
Occupation High SchoolA�Student
Family income $10/day
Philanthropy Partner Rotary International – India



For donation in India, please direct your payment to

Bank Account NumberA� B06302191012720
Bank Name Oriental bank of commerce
Account Holder Name Maisha care charitable society


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