Total Fund required: $100.00

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.51.19 AM5 yrs old Riya, holds so many dreams that shine through her eyes when you look at her. Everyday she goes to school because she enjoys learning new things. Her father who is a house keeper in a guest house earns enough to provide basic necessities to family of four. Her mother is house wife who strives to inculcate values in her kids and wants them to be good humans and responsible citizens when they grow up. Everyday Riya comes back from her school and very enthusiastically tell her mother what happened in school. If you talk to her she has so many stories to tell you about her school. In India lots of students, more commonly females have to drop out of school due to financial constraints in family. When one looks at Riya, one can see the things that she would achieve and places she would go if she would be able to complete her education. Through MaishaCare we want to help Riya continue with her education uninterrupted. At present Riya needs support with her six months school fees, which is $10A�per month. We intend not to just help Riya, but several other girls to complete their education. “Educated girl today.. Prosperous country tomorrow…”









Beneficiary RiyaA�Toppo
Status Fund Needed
Cause A�School tuition fee
Age 5
Address New DelhiA�- India
Occupation SchoolA�Student
Family income $10/day
Philanthropy Partner Rotary International – India


For donation in India, please direct your payment to

Bank Account NumberA� B06302191012720
Bank Name Oriental bank of commerce
Account Holder Name Maisha care charitable society


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