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My husband name is Vineet Kumar. Our life was going smooth but unfortunately he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma ( Blood Cancer) on April 2016. He is owns a proprietary business and works as an interior designer. We have a kid aged 3 years. A´┐ŻEarlier we have started his treatment in Jaypee Hospital (Noida) but as the cost of treatment were high and with limited funds in hands we have transferred him to AIIMS where he has gone through auto Bone Marrow Transplant in April 2017. As he was the only bread earner for the family, he lost all his projects and all the source of income was stopped. But we thought of starting our life afresh.

But that was just a beginning and within 2 months of Bone Marrow Transplant, his disease got relapsed. After discussing with the doctors, they have suggested only one hope which is multiple doses of Injection Darzalex followed by allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant as his disease is very aggressive. Cost of 1 dose (3 vials) of darzalex is approx INR 1.9 Lac and anticipated doses are 16+ which will lead to overall injection cost to 30 Lac followed by allo transplant which is of approximately 30 Lac. Overall anticipated cost for his treatment is 60 Lac.
With all the loans and available funds, 5 Lac rupees are arranged. But looking forward for your help to arrange the remaining amount, which will lead your very own friend to fight with this dangerous disease.



Beneficiary Vineet Kumar Agarwal
Status Fund Needed
Medical condition Blood Cancer ( Multiple Myeloma)
Address India
Occupation Small Business Owner


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For Donation In US

Vineet Agrawal

For Donation in India

Name: Vineet Kumar
Bank: ICICI Bank
Branch: Noida Sector 119
A/C No: 250601504104
IFSC Code: ICIC0002506

Vineet – 9899020088@icici
Priyanka – 9899012211@icici
(Vineet’s Wife’s Account)


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