What is MaishaCare?

MaishaCare is a nonprofit organization based in California that works to provide health treatments to people in need around the world. We do this by providing a platform for donors to give donations to people who are in serious need of medical treatment. In the initial phase of this project, our patients (or beneficiaries) will be based in India due to the ease and need of operating an organization such as this in that area. Once the program becomes more established,we plan to roll out operations around the globe to help as many people as possible receive the care that they need.

What does Maisha mean?

In the African language of Swahili, the word “Maisha” means life, and that is exactly what we hope to give to people across the globe through this program.

Are their causes otherA�than health treatmentsA�that you support ?

Definitely. We began this organization because we felt that there was a dire need for the poor populations of the world to receive the healthcare that they need.A�We primarily support individual patients in need of healthcare treatments, but we do support other causes such as funding blind schools, child education, polio drive to name a few. We are open to fund any noble cause. You can visit our Causes page for a list of current causes that are up for donation.

How much of my donation go towards actual treatments?

When you donate to MaishaCare, 100% of your donation less taxes and fees will go directly to the treatment of the beneficiary that you choose to support. Everyone who works for this organization does so on a volunteer basis. In fact, the entire group was started with initial funding of less than US$1000. What we’ve done is bring together a group of like-minded individuals who do not seek monetary benefit, but rather the benefit of helping people receive the potentially life-saving care that they need. By working with medical partners around the globe as well as a staff of volunteer technical and medical workers based in California, MaishaCare is able to run a completely nonprofit organization that provides cheap yet effective medical care to those most in need. We are in process of filing for taxA�exemption with the IRS and would soon be able to channel 100% less fees of your donations to the actual beneficiary. Once IRS approves the tax exemption status, all donations 27 months prior to the approval date are automatically tax exempted.

Who are your partners?

Medical partners of MaishaCare can A�include both individual doctors and medical/charity organizations around the globe. All medical partners of MaishaCare are legally registered and licensed to operate within their home country, have a strong reputation at home and abroad, and are willing to abide by the goals and guidelines of MaishaCare. To learn more about becoming a medical partner or a volunteer, send us an email at connect@maishacare.org.

How do you choose your patients?

Any person who is in genuine need of medical treatment that they are unable to pay for can become a MaishaCare beneficiary. Typically our patients come from very poor backgrounds and are recommended to us by one of our medical partners. Right now, each of our beneficiaries is a resident of India, though we hope to expand and support people in need around the world soon. Currently, we select patients who have an illness or disease that can be treated for less than US$2000 and that, without treatment, would have a serious negative impact upon the person’s day-to-day life. We also look for patients who have a high chance of success if their treatment is completed.

Why are treatments so inexpensive?

Even a small donation can make a huge impact towards the treatment of beneficiaries in poor and developing countries. In many of these countries, treatment is particularly inexpensive yet effective due to advancing medical technology as well as the support of local hospitals, charities, and government subsidies.

If I choose to donate, how do I know that my donation will be secure?

When you donate money for medical treatment through MaishaCare, your donation is submitted through PayPal, helping to ensure the security of your financial information. Donating through PayPal will also provide you with a record of your donation.

Will my donation only be used for the beneficiary I select?

Yes, when you choose to help fund medical treatments for one of or more of the beneficiaries listed on this site, you can be sure that your donation will only go towards helping the specific patient that you chose. You can also be confident that 100% of your donation less taxes and fees will go towards your chosen beneficiary’s medical treatment. However, if you choose to donate to theA�maintenanceA�of website or theA�organizationA�itself and not to an individual beneficiary, the donation will be completely used to operate and expand the operations of the organization.

I want to help but cannot visit the website regularly. Can I subscribe for a recurring payments?

Yes, you can register using through Subscribe page, under the General payments – recurring section. You can select any denomination to be donated on any time interval that you select through our website. We will make sure your donation reaches the most needy and right on time.

I don't know which beneficiary to donate to. Can I make generic payments?

Yes, we love general payements. It not only helps us run MaishaCare but also helps us in the expansion. Moreover, a lot many times the beneficiaries are in need of real time funds and cannot wait for the donation goals to be achieved, in these cases we can fund them through the generic payments collected. You can visit our subscribe page and under “General Payments – One time donations”, you can make a one time general payement.

I know someone who needs urgent help. Can you fund him?

Definitely, if we see a real need we will be happy to have that profile on our website and generate funds towards it. You can contact us at connect@maishacare.org

I want to be a part of it. How can I help?

We are growing and constantly looking for volunteers and partners around the globe. If you want to join us, please send us a brief description about yourself at connect@maishacare.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I use my donation for tax exemption purposes?

MaishaCare is a California based Non-Profit organization, however it is currently not tax exempted. We are working towards filing for a tax exemption status with the IRS. Once IRS approves the tax exemption status, all donations upto 27 months prior to the approval date are automatically tax exempted and can be used by our patrons for claiming tax exemption in their tax returns.


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