Animesh Dalakoti, California – USA Founder/Vision

Animesh Dalakoti has an MBA in Finance and Strategy from University of California, Davis and a MS in Computer Networks. He lives in Silicon Valley, CA. He has worked in areas of Wireless Sensor Networks, Digital Printing, Color Engineering and is actively involved with various charity organizations.

Dr. Asma Khan, New DelhiA�- IndiaA�Co-Founder/Medicine

Dr. Asma KhanA�is an attending consultant at Max Healthcare, Saket, India. She has a post graduate (D.N.B) Anesthesiology from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, an M.B.B.S. from Dr. D.Y. Patil, Mumbai. She is the primary authority forA�medical evaluation ofA�patients at MaishaCare. She also writes on socio-economic issues in healthcare at several healthcare websites in India.A�She loves to travel and write.

Abhishek Dalakoti, Arizona – USA Co-Founder/Finance

Abhishek Dalakoti has a MS in Piezoelectric materialsA�and works in the microprocessor semiconductor industry. He is an adventurous daredevil and lives in Arizona.

Shiraz Ahmad, Lucknow – India Co-Founder/India Operations

Shiraz Ahmad is a vibrant young socialA�entrepreneur. A graduate of Christian college, Lucknow University, he manages the India operations of MaishaCare. His network of resources in Government and Corporate sector in India facilitates the operations of MaishaCare in the country.



Sapna Maniar – Marketing Communications Manager, California – USA

Sapna has a double MBA in marketing and has past experiences with the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Shirley Reddy – Client Care Coordinator, California – USA

Shirley holds an MBA and is currently working towards her career in nursing to satiate her desire of helping sick people.


Amit Arora – International Expansion Manager, London – U.K.

Amit holds an M.B.A in International Business Strategy from Durham and currently works with the healthcare industry in London, U.K. An international marketing expert, Amit overlooks the International growth of MaishaCare.


Bhartendu Joshi – Corporate & Individual Fundraising, New York – U.S.A.

Bhartendu works as a consultant with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, N.Y. and manages the U.S. corporate fundraising account for MaishaCare. He has strong network of resources across the world that helps MaishaCare procure fund at a lightning speed.

Dr. Sabba Mehmood – Patient Care, New Delhi – India.

Dr. Saba works with the India team andA�performsA�the medical evaluation of patient's profile. She also negotiates the cost of treatment with our medical providers.


Alkesh Joshi – Corporate Fundraising, New Delhi – India.

Alkesh, a mobile wireless technology expert works with the India team and is responsible for corporate fundraising that drives both our operations and funds patient care.


We would also like to thank all ourA�advisers, volunteers, medical partners, and friends who have contributed towards creation and operations of this website.

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