At MaishaCare, we believe that every human life has value. By turning to the kindness and caring of people around the world, we believe that lives can be saved and communities can be impacted for the better through simple and inexpensive medical treatments. While our values and principles in creating MaishaCare are numerous, the following are our core values:



The team at MaishaCare shows its dedication daily by working for the organization on a completely volunteer basis. For each of us, the health and well-being of the people that we’re trying to serve is the most important goal. To that end, 100% less tax of every donation towards medical treatment, we hope to do as much as possible for those who need care most.A�We are working towards filing for a tax exemption status with the IRS and will soon be able to channel all the donation towards the beneficiaries. Once IRS approves the tax exemption status, all donations 27 months prior to the approval date are automatically tax exempted.







We believe in the generosity of people, and we have founded this organization with the mindset that when people have a platform to give, they can and will come together to make wonderful changes in the lives of others. By creating an opportunity for people to pool their resources and unite in support of real individuals elsewhere in the world, we hope to show just how generous people can be, even for the sake of those that they will likely never meet.





For Many, A�For One


MaishaCare hopes to make an impact in the lives of as many people as possible around the world. Through a strong social network, transparent and efficient operations, and persistent dedication to helping the less fortunate, we hope to expand our reach and get more people involved year after year. However, at the same time, we recognize that helping just one person regain their health is a virtuous goal. If only one life can be touched through this organization, that would be enough.



Likewise, if you can provide just a small donation for a single individual, your donation will be invaluable to the person that you helped.


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Touch a life, sick and needy. If you care!


Contribute for a cause. Every dollar counts!


Make a difference. Help people feel better, live longer!